African Basket Ghana Bolga Shoulder Bags Assorted -1 EA

African Basket Ghana Bolga Shoulder Bags Assorted -1 EA

  • $48.30


Approximately 10″- 12″ Width x 10″ Height (not including the straps)

Strap is approximately 10 to 12" tall

This casual purse with rolled and stitched leather straps also has a leather loop and knob to close the top of the bag. Hand woven in Ghana using colorful native grasses.

  • You will receive a basket nearly identical to the one pictured.
  • Please note that if a color looks black on your screen, it is actually dark blue.
  • Although we attempt to ship all baskets fully shaped, some baskets may need a bit of shaping when they arrive to you.
  • Shipments outside of the Continental United States and via 3 Business Day Delivery receive 'flattened' baskets.
  • Easily reshape your basket by quickly submerging it in water (keep the leather dry), reshaping it by hand, and letting it dry.
  • Each order comes with basket shaping instructions and a full page of information on Ghana baskets.

Basket Preparation: Spray water and let it air dry. Video on how to reshape the baskets:

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