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  • $40.00

Enhance your home with the natural beauty of the Handwoven Vetiver Nest Basket. Made by talented artisans in Madagascar, these ornamental bird's nest baskets are crafted from aromatic vetiver grass, known for its scent and soil erosion prevention properties.

The Bird Nest Basket is a springtime staple! This handmade wood woven nest is the perfect vessel for spring flowers, botanicals and decorative elements. Place on your entryway console table, mantle or even as a centerpiece for your dining room table.   The Bird Nest Planter is the perfect edition to your Easter décor, Mother's Day, they can be displayed as captivating standalone décor pieces, hung on your wall for an eye-catching installation or just about any event! Spritz the baskets with water to release the refreshing, woody fragrance. 

  • Great for special events, Easter, Mother’s Day celebrations
  • Use for cut flowers and botanicals
  • Available in various sizes: Small, Medium & Large