Salts of the Earth | Exotic Salt Collection from Around the Globe | 8-Pack Gift Set

  • $54.00

Eat.Art gets you excited for tasty spices and let your tastebuds travel the world! Create hassle free mouth-watering grilled meals any day of the week, tantalize those taste-buds and be prepared for compliments by adding that special taste to any dish.

This set of 8 wonderful spices range from a subtle delicacy to savoury fiery punch from around the world to give you a unique culinary experience.

This unique collection includes some very popular spices:

  • 100% ALL-NATURAL FLAVORS - Kalahari Desert Salt, South African Caviar Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Bolivian Rose Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Oak Smoked Salt, Cyprus Flake Salt and Atlantic Fleur de Sel.This set includes 8 unique salts sourced from around the world, stored in individual glass tubes.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - Artfully designed packaging makes for a beautiful gift! Wrap it up, slip it in a bag or just adorn with bow, and this foodie’s gift is ready to go!
  • QUALITY - Eat.Art products are free of artificial colorings & flavorings, irradiated ingredients, are non-gmo, with no added MSG or preservatives.
  • EYE CATCHING | Assembled by hand gift sets designed to delight the senses and inspire new cooking connoisseurs to bring joy and excitement to every kitchen around the globe. The exotic artfully selected salt combinations and intriguing packaging makes it a unique food gift for any occasion.

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