• $40.00

A stunning addition to your home, this hurricane candle holder plays with the contrast between soft and hard. Light plays through the delicate geometrical pattern, illuminating the bold Ankole horn. The beautiful variations in the horn’s shades and patterns make each item a little different to the next. Each candle holder is made from a single piece of ethically sourced horn and handcrafted in Uganda using traditional techniques. Their handmade nature ensures that no two will be exactly alike. All of our Ankole pieces are Fair Trade Certified

  • Handmade in small batches by skilled Ugandan artisans
  • Ankole horn, ethically & locally sourced as a food by-product (animal was not killed for the creation of the product)
  • Each candle holder is meticulously sanded, polished, and then sealed with a waterproof lacquer
  • Because every horn has a unique color and pattern, each item will be one of a kind and the actual colors and patterns of this style may slightly vary. Colors range from dark to light, due to natural variations, each piece is unique
  • Never leave soaking or placed in a dishwasher, but rather should be hand washed and dried immediately using a soft cloth. Heat sensitive: Keep out of direct sunlight or near heat sources 

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