Kanyana Curved Horn Decorative Bowl -Light

  • $180.00

A grand statement style, this piece is at home in the kitchen, as a hold-all in the hallway, or as the center piece of a dining table – all the better to admire the beauty inherent in the natural grain of the sustainably sourced, Ugandan waste horn.

L: 14" x W: 11" x H: 4.5"

Dazzle your guests with our beautifully distinctive Bamba Bowl, a one-of-a-kind piece of free formed art!   Meaning "hold" in Swahili, the Bamba Bowl holds great beauty with its varied coloration finished to a gorgeous luster.  The Bamba bowl is made from natural Ankole horn handcrafted by highly skilled artisans from East Africa.  Our exquisite Bamba Bowls' unique shapes and colors are the perfect artistic complement to any space

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