One -Of- A -Kind Handmade Ghanian Fan - Assorted Colorful 1 EA

  • $36.00

The possibilities are endless with these striking, handwoven fans: Hang in groupings, as a solo act, any direction you’d like (we included a hook on the back to let you choose!), or even style on top of a stack of books. Made from locally sourced elephant grass from Ghana, each fan is a true work of art – with the designs taking inspiration from the fans once made for Ghanaian royalty. The black and natural palette gives these fans a bit of an edge, making them a perfect addition to any bohemian space.

Handwoven by a cooperative of artisans in the remote region of Bolgatanga, Ghana, each fan undergoes a meticulous 8-step process that takes up to a day to complete. Exclusively made in a fair trade working environment.

Approximately 11 Inches Wide x 16 Inches Long (including handle) x 1 Inch Thick

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