Tapered Diamond Candlestick Holder | Wooden Candle Holders - Desert

  • $30.00

Our hand-turned candle holders are expertly crafted by South African artisans . This Tapered Diamond Candlestick Holder is hand turned and crafted from beautiful wood for a unique design that will add a special touch to any room. The expert craftsmanship ensures unparalleled quality that will last a lifetime. Make your space luminous with this one-of-a-kind candle holder.


Small: 8.65"H
Medium: 10.25"H
Tall: 11.8"H

Material: Pine Wood 

Colours: Cognac, Desert & Black


*Disclaimer: Please note items are sold separately.

Care Instructions: Flammable product. Do not leave unattended when candle is burning. Do not burn candle to the end. Do not put on an uneven surface. Keep out of draft. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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