Traditional Carved Wooden Christmas Ornaments Decorations or Festive Décor -Natural

  • $15.00

Crafted from sustainably sourced pine wood, the Wooden Variety Ornament Set brings an elegant and eco-friendly touch to your holiday décor. Hand-carved by South African artisans, its organic design enhances the festive atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression. This ornament set captures the nostalgia of old-world décor while infusing a fresh and modern feel.  

Key Features:

  • Sustainably sourced pine wood for an eco-friendly touch
  • Hand-carved by South African artisans with a rich woodworking heritage
  • Organic design enhances the festive atmosphere
  • Seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style
  • Lasting impression for memorable holiday décor

Embrace the artistry of African décor with this unique set that seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary style. Shop now to bring a touch of artisanal elegance to your holiday celebrations.

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