Vea Heavy Duty African Basket - Ghana Bolga - Shopping Natural Basket - Dye Free Open Wave

  • $65.00

Approximately 13" Across x 10" Tall 

This is our favorite shopping basket!  It holds a lot, and the sturdy handles fit on your shoulder. The finer weave makes it even stronger and prettier.

To market, to market.

Spot us at a local farmers market or beach or park, and you’ll probably see us toting one of these versatile, sturdy baskets full of fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, or a bouquet of flowers. They're handwoven from natural vetiver and feature leather handles for tossing them over a shoulder or hook, with room aplenty for our produce, picnic supplies, on-the-go essentials, you name it. Plus, since each one cuts such a pretty profile, we wanna use 'em to corral blankets or cords at home, too. And we haven’t even gotten to our favorite part: These wonders are woven in Ghana by female artisans—part of an initiative that teams up with artists around the world. Choose from a trio of fetching colors: natural brown, midnight, or geo—they're each one-of-a-kind gems.

  • You will receive the exact basket pictured above.
  • Please note that if a color looks black on your screen, it is actually dark blue.
  • Although we attempt to ship all baskets fully shaped, some baskets may need a bit of shaping when they arrive to you.
  • Shipments outside of the Continental United States and via 3 Business Day Delivery receive 'flattened' baskets.
  • Easily reshape your basket by quickly submerging it in water (keep the leather dry), reshaping it by hand, and letting it dry.
  • Each order comes with basket shaping instructions
  • Perfect for shopping at your favorite market
  • Each order comes with basket shaping instructions
  • Large is made for stylish storage. One idea: It will bring good vibes to your yoga gear.

This item is fairly made in Africa. Each artisan is able to work from the comfort of their own home and community. The fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs or haggled prices. The artisans use their earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.

 Basket Preparation: Spray water and let it air dry. Video on how to reshape the baskets:

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