Wide Faced Bokkie Wooden Wall Decor | Animal Head Wall Decor| Handmade Farm house Decor - Black

  • $85.00

Our captivating assortment of hand-carved buck heads, meticulously crafted from the rich and durable Blue Gum wood. Each piece reflects the essence of wildlife artistry, celebrating the majestic beauty of bucks. Adorn your walls with these stunning sculptures, infusing any space with a touch of rustic elegance and admiration for nature's wonders. Decorate your space with this unique product that promises to bring personality to any indoor or outdoor area.

Made from solid Blue Gum timber, responsibly sourced in the Western Cape.  

Each solid Blue Gum creation has been handcrafted by talented artisans. Each one is unique in character, so expect some variations in colour, shape, and size.

Environmental factors such as sun, heat, wind, or rain exposure may result in color fading and cracking over time.

::: Available in colors: Black, Stone & Natural

::: Dimensions: 13"H x 5-6"W

::: Made in South Africa

::: Sustainably sourced Eucalyptus Wood

::: Features a hidden metal hook in the back for easy hanging

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