African Spirit African Spice Gift Box with 8 Traditional African Spices

  • $54.00

    • Durban Curry - This authentic curry is famed for its complex piquancy and aroma influenced by Indian migrants 150 year ago, packed with traditional flavour
    • Jozi Chakalaka - A uniquely South African spice mix used to flavour a sauce or relish served with grilled or stewed meat
    • Savannah Grasslands - The flavours of tangy lemon and wild garlic together with the freshness of parsley are true African favourites and add zest to any dish
    • Ethiopian Berbere - A traditionally fiery and vibrant all-purpose spice blend considered a flavouring foundation in North-African cuisine
    • Tanzanian Pilau - Incorporates five distinct spices with a dominant clove undertone to produce hearty one pot meals or Pilau Masala rice dishes
    • Kenyan Kuku Paka Curry - This is used in a coconut-based chicken curry with Arabic, Indian and African influences characterised by smoky flavours infused by char-grilling the chicken before adding to the coconut curry base
    • Mozambiquan Peri Peri This spicy East-African and Portuguese inspired blend is created using the devilish African Birds Eye Chilli perfectly suited to poultry cooked over a flame
    • Kalahari Smoke Salt - This desert salt is a natural unrefined sun-dried salt from an ancient salt pan and then naturally smoked to create a decadent smoky flavour profile

  brings the whole spice experience, with food pairing ideas, just to get you started. Over 80% of the herbs and spices are procured from source and aimed at growing sustainable farming practices.

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